By Mohd Haizal Yatiran

SEREMBAN – President of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin will be facing lawsuit as a former party member claimed to have trauma and depression from him.

This follows Muhyiddin’s claim that the former member, Mohd Anas Sudin who recently announced his resignation from the party as a member of PKR.

“I would like to stress that the statement by Tan Sri Muhyiddin is defamation for me and my family. It has caused me to be called a ‘cogon grass’ and ‘squirrel’ by my community.

“I am deeply affected by Muhyiddin’s statement and I experience trauma and depression from the accusations by my friends and the community who knows me personally,” he said.

Anas made the statement in a media conference in Seremban last night, together with a few of his supporters who were also former members of PPBM.

Nevertheles, Anas wants Muhyiddin to make an open apology to him within seven days before he proceeds with the lawsuit.

“I want Muhyiddin to retract his statement, apologize in writing or in media within seven days of this media conference.

Before this, Anas, together with alleged 500 Rembau party members of PPBM has announced their resignation from the party due to cronyism.

Muhyiddin however blasted Anas who was also a Chief Activist in Negeri Sembilan PPBM that he is a member of PKR.

With that, Anas questioned the credibility of Muhyiddin as a leader who is acclaimed to be the future Prime Minister of Malaysia. According to him, Muhyiddin was too quick to judge and made decisions without investigations. He will put the country in danger if he should be a Prime Minister on day.  – MalaysiaGazette



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