Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

KUALA LUMPUR – Krisis kepimpinan dan politik negara hari ini memuncak dengan pengumuman peletakan jawatan Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Dalam satu kenyataan di sini hari ini, Pejabat Perdana Menteri mengesahkan surat peletakan jawatan tersebut telah diserahkan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong pada jam 1 petang tadi.

Sebelum itu, Presiden Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin mengumumkan parti tersebut keluar daripada Pakatan Harapan.

Pagi tadi, Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Menteri Kewangan Lim Guan Eng dan Menteri Pertahanan Mohammad Sabu mengadakan pertemuan kira-kira dua jam bersama Perdana Menteri di kediamannya.

Dalam pada itu, PKR yang mengadakan mesyuarat tergempar sebentar tadi mengumumkan pemecatan jawatan Timbalan Presidennya Datuk Seri Azmin Ali dan Naib Presiden Zuraida Kamaruddin atas alasan melakukan pengkhianatan terbuka.

Sejak malam kelmarin, puluhan maklumat yang tidak diketahui kesahihannya bertebaran di media sosial yang memberi gambaran sesuatu yang besar akan berlaku.

Manakala awal pagi semalam bahang mula terasa apabila lima buah parti lima parti iaitu Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), PKR, UMNO, Pas dan GPS masing-masing mengadakan mesyuarat peringkat pemimpin tertinggi dan seterusnya puluhan buah kenderaan kenamaan memasuki Istana Negara untuk menghadap Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Bagaimanapun, sehingga malam tadi, tiada satu kenyataan rasmi dikeluarkan memaklumkan apa sebenarnya yang sedang berlaku kepada pemerintahan di negara ini.

Malah, ahli-ahli Parlimen daripada pelbagai parti sama ada kerajaan mahu pun pembangkang yang menghadiri satu majlis makan malam di Hotel Sheraton, Petaling Jaya malam tadi tetap ketat menutup mulut masing-masing. – MalaysiaGazette

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    Around ten years after the city of Seedley and Langworthy had their homes demolished by Salford City Council, It looks like there are 149 properties built on the sites covering the old Nansen Street and Harmsworth Street, And to the south Street opposite the Ashley Brook pub.

    Next week the Council will meet ot decide if they should accept a developer’s offer for the two sites, which commonly be worth over 4million.

    It was around ten years ago when a bitter fight between Salford City Council and residents of Seedley and Langworthy over demolitions and values was finally concluded with some elements saved and others bulldozed.

    Since the houses were demolished as part of a huge and controversial housing business Renewal Pathfinder Programme, The resulting crofts have lain empty. inevitably, thursday, The Council is meeting to take into consideration a developer bid to erect 149 properties on two sites totalling 2.46 acres since the old Nansen Street and Harmsworth Street, And southern Street opposite the Ashley Brook pub.

    The developer is proposing to build 106 houses and 43 condos, spending money on 4,047,842 for the land, Less a possible 340,000 if a bid for reasonable housing is accepted.

    The report checking out councillors states. “As part of the sale, The Council has submitted software to obtain grant funding via the Shared Ownership Affordable Housing Program (SOAHP). The resourcing, together with borrowing via the Council’s Housing Revenue Account (HRA), Is for the availability of 17 units consisting of 9 one bedroom apartments, 6 two living space houses and 2 three home houses. the effects of the SOAHP application is still awaited.

    “These contraptions, If the bid is productive, Will be found at cost from the successful bidder” It contributes “In the event that the SOAHP application is unsuccessful then bidders will be required to provide 30% of their schemes as affordable housing. These affordable units could potentially be acquired by Drive,

    alongside the SOAHP bid, [url=http://www.chnmate.com/tag/thailand-women-dating-finder/]southern chinese women[/url] The deliver also notes that “There is a provision within the sale for 5 units to be acquired for community led design. These units will be acquired via a Homes England Community Led Development bid and at present posts are on going with SALT (Salford and Langworthy rely upon) Regarding a funding proposal being submit,

    The report also adds that an Council would “rely” for 1.2million in Section 106 reimbursements.

    Rayofsunshine over again you ignore reality and what I’ve said. I do not dispute that government guidelines don’t help the Council build more social housing. In fact the Council has your hands tied behind its back, One from national Gov regulations and the other on their own. The latter you just refuse to accept and instead just throw claims of Tory support about. I’ve stated more than once I haven’t voted Tory and never will, However I’ve not voted Labour either since the early 2000s thanks to Blair and our local Council’s bumbling rule. a person talk of “40 years of successive conventional Governments” about housing, But you omit the 13 years of Labour national governing administration. Labour at local and national level have made mistakes and you and them refuse to acknowledge it and learn from them. For instance you and the Council refuse [url=http://www.chnlovecomplaints.com/the-beauty-standard-for-ancient-chinese-women/]sexy chinese girl[/url] to be the victims of the Pathfinder Programme, as being a citing a Council report (Flying when confronted with what residents have said) And accusing the Tories. This local Council has knocked down perfectly good social housing or flogged it to developers and have built next to nothing to replace it all (Partially because of it’s own housing policy and refusal to chase the fees it’s owed by designers. Other local Govs have better housing policy which prove it’s not just Government regulations holding Salford Council back). And yet you blame me for assisting that? I’m not the one who continually votes for Salford Labour and validates what they’re doing. So I can only assume you happen to be happy with their housing policy (Yes THEIR fashion, Not national gov which I’ve already stated does not help), The flogging of land to creative designers and the continuing gentrification of Salford. A Council or Government that refuses to learn from past mistakes and also fails to become its people is not fit to govern.

    Cody,It is people like you who have helped to facilitate the Tory destruction of public housing in

    Salford! Confusing victim with criminal,You seek to whitewash the role of the tories.

    throughout the last 40 years,Successive Conservative Governments have rigged the real estate market and Planning System in favour of private developers. Salford City local authority or council,When considering housing,has had one of its hands tied. Secondly you’ve completely ignored in excess of what Salford inflicted it’s own rubbish housing policy upon itself (I’m not going over the national one). acquire, You’ve also ignored the fact the Council is flogging public land and housing to private developers and not collecting all the fees from them or taking them to court for not delivering the social housing they were designed. If the Council had obtained the fees on previous private builds, Kept some social housing and some land instead of flogging it/knocking it down and used the multiple millions to get homes for Salfordians instead of buying office blocks, building a garden, Supporting a stadium and investigating Manchester airport and other stuff, Then maybe we wouldn’t have such a challange. however, It’s individuals like you that enable them to carry on doing it by consistently voting for them! Staunch Labour voters are defending gentrification and helping social housing land being flogged to developers. Thatcher would smile and laugh at the sight of Salford Council if she were alive. The type ideological zealot who reported their neighborhood friends to the KGB, To the Stasi in East philippines, Jews to the Gestapo and wizards to the witch finder general, the actual powers that be know better! You could have him talk to every single person who lost out on account of the Pathfinder programme, who will confirm it to his face, And he would still follow and believe Salford Labour’s evidence. It’s still mind boggling to me how people still vote for Salford Labour when they get repeatedly shafted by them towards developers, check out huge neon monstrosities built by the side of the Irwell off the side of the Crescent, On land that was vacant for many years (Land banked). Not ONE industry experts is for the average Safordian, Nor are any of the mediocre ones springing up around East Salford! this appears more private housing is being built than Social housing (with regard to that love Satan’s knackers Ray DON’T just blame the Tories, Salford Council had a hand in it’s own housing policy failure as the Star and many commenters have explained to you), And Social housing becomes necessary here. Yes Saflord Council is creating new Social housing with money from private builds, But that’s a fraction when compared to the private ones going up, And to add to it the Council doesn’t always collect the fees these web developers owe! They then say that they can’t afford to take them to court over it, Yet they borrowed multiple millions for other campaigns? They simply do it a few times to send a message to them. Most of the communities needed additional aide, Not a sledgehammer to hack a nut.

    In a few years an academic is going to make his/ her name with a detailed look at the scheme. I fear very few councils or the government of the day is going to leave it smelling of roses. Did any individual whisper” Poulson”?

    I think Rayofsunshine needs to confirm the pathfinder scheme and not just in Salford. People did suffer financially. They received aproximately 40% of what they would have done in an open market, If the scheme had never was there. There have been some tv programs about this after a period. individuals who had or were near paying off their mortgages, Suddenly forced to start again. They did not have the choice to stay and ride out any variation in the housing market or to await for the change in an area becoming desirable. Their homes were compulsory PURCHASED.

    As Last man standing has told you, Surveys demonstrated that the properties were not unfit for purpose. The over riding reason for the demolitons was to clear the land for the developers who were often together with the council,

    In some parts of Langworthy citizens were forced out of their homes and offered a share (chunk!) In an additional propery, Only to then see their formers homes marketed and sold for 2 to 3 times the truly amazing received.

    That Ray is spending so much time trying to defend this demonstrates this the council propaganda department fear the truth.

    Eventually the full truth about the pathfinder scheme will come out and the Labour party might need to apologise for it. keep away from companies say “Hang this special heads in shame”, But there isn’t much chance of that.

    Rayofsunshine, The houses in the higher Broughton pathfinder areas did not meet with your concise explaination ” Disfunctional” Until Salford council discovered them. The agenda for the sector was writ large from the first public meetings. Nothing that was said or proposed by the indigenous population was ever given more than a cursory verification, right ignored.

    as expected as people left the streets,( Housing affiliation tennents first) It sturdy the council’s argument. ” browse through the empty houses, No one wants to live in this region”Thus building a self perpetuating raison d”Etre the policy. then again within days of builders arriving on site, Boards imaginitvly illustrated proclaim this is a highly desirable area to live, Put your business down now,

    I must say you are par excellence as an appolgist for Blair’s labour government and Salford council get hold of. Not on the pay-roll? correct, correct, prod, push, wink, wink. Say wipe out.

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