garbage disposal solid waste landfill Selangor
Ng Sze Han

By Manzaidi Mohd Amin

SHAH ALAM – The solid waste production in Selangor increases by approximately three percent biennially. The condition affects the state government and it is seeking for the best mechanism for garbage disposal.

The Local Government, Public Transport and New Village Development Exco, Ng Sze Han said that the two methods provided by private companies cannot solve the problem.

On the contrary, the state government had to use landfill to solve the issue, although, it still cannot fully overcome the problem.

“At the moment, all solid waste in Selangor are being disposed via landfilling.

“For this, the state government needs to provide approximately 900 acres of land for solid waste disposal in 30 years,” he answered Elizabeth Wong (DAP-Bukit Lanjan) in the oral question and answer at the Selangor State Assembly today.

According to Tze Han, the state government is aware that the garbage disposal issue needs to be resolved using technology as the state is lack of suitable lands to be developed as landfills.

“In addition, the solid waste production in Selangor increases every two years due to the increment of population and rapid development,” he added. -MalaysiGazette