The frog flags are raised by the residents of Kampung Tenglu, Endau after getting fed up with the seasonal politicians at their area who neglected them.
The frog flags are raised by the residents of Kampung Tenglu, Endau after getting fed up with the seasonal politicians at their area who neglected them.Bendera katak yang dipacakkan penduduk tempatan di Kampung Tenglu, Endau setelah rimas dengan sikap politik bermusim di kawasan mereka yang mengabaikan nasib mereka.

By Kumara Sabapatty

MERSING – Disappointed and annoyed by the attitude of the politician in their area who only appears once in five years after showering them with sweet promises, the voters of the Endau state assembly raised the frog flags to warn political parties in conjunction with the coming Johor state assembly.

The white flags with the green frog symbol hopping off a red brick wall were raised as a message that the residents of Mersing were disappointed with their representative who could only be seen before the election but left the voters after getting their mandate.

A resident, Mohd Zam Abdul Rahman said, the voters in Mersing do not want ‘frog’ representatives. On the contrary, they want the democracy system to be rehabilitated so that the people would no longer become victims.

Mohd Zam

Mohd Zam Abdul Rahman said, the selfish political culture needs to be abolished from the democracy system in the country.

“If the corrupted culture, cronyism, favouritism, the direction of the people would not be clear.

“As long as these dirty cultures lives, the people who voted for them would lose,” he said when met at Kampung Tenglu Air Papan.

Meanwhile, Mohd Shawal Noordin alleged that the people would observe the political games played by the politicians.

Mohd Shawal

According to him, it is common to see the faces who won five years ago make a surprise appearance with a sweet smile to ask for votes.

However, based on their performance evaluation after the previous general election, they did not even fulfil 20 percent of their promises.

“Before getting their position, they would promise anything. After they are declared as the representative, they will come the next morning to thank the voters. But it stopped there and that would be the last time we see them and they don’t come until five years later.

“It is sad and disappointing when we request for assistance, we don’t get anything,” he complained while raising the frog flags.

Without mentioning names, he sternly advised politicians to wake up and fulfil the people’s needs first.

A scrap metal trader, Lim Poo Kher @ Prakash Lim described politicians as disposable diapers. Once it’s smelly, it must be thrown away immediately.

Prakash Lim

He said, if the politicians chosen by the people do not have the initiative to serve the voters, they should not be kept.

“That is how we feel here. If they’re like stinky diapers, they need to be changed so that they don’t get smellier,” he said.

Lim also slammed the messy political situation where politicians attack each other.

“This is an embarrassing reality. As the people, I hope that the situation can be fixed and everything would return to the norm,” he said.

When asked about the type of politicians that the residents in Mersing want, Lim said, the local voters want a representative who can solve their problems.

“There are many unresolved old issues such as the bridge, roads and old jetty. Imagine this, they existed since my primary school days until I have a seven-years-old child. -MalaysiaGazette