By Khairulanuar Yahaya

KUALA LUMPUR – The tears of a poor teenager touched the hearts of the people when his local community often accused him of hungry for charity.

According to that boy, he was merely earning his wages by doing various work, including cleaning suraus.

In the TikTok video clip shared by a Non-Government Organisation (NGO), MyFundAction, the unfortunate teenager, Akid who lives in Kelantan said that he has to work for food due to poverty.

He uses the RM6 from his wages to buy flour and onion to cook for his family.

It is also heartbreaking when the teenager alleged that people accused him of stealing although he has never done it.

According to Akid, he never understood why he and his family are being hated by the community.

Akid TikTok poor poverty Kelantan teenager

“My mother, father cannot afford to buy a big house. We need to find our own money to eat. I wash, vacuum and wash the toilet in surau.

“Sometimes, I get about RM6. I buy onion, flour… to eat.

“Some people say that we are hungry for charity. Take people’s money. I never took it. People hate me. I don’t know why they hate me,” he sobbed.

The clip also showed the condition of the house the teenager and his family live in. A huge portion of the wall has fallen and some parts of the house didn’t have roof.

Akid TikTok poor teenager

“I managed to visit a house in Kelantan that day. The house was almost destroyed. I thought that it was due to the flood.

“I only learned that they have been living like this since last October. It was too fragile. This was caused by the wind,” wrote the caption in the video.

Meanwhile, most of the netizens sympathised with Akid’s situation. According to them, the hatred towards Akid was driven by the poverty of his family.

“Because we are poor, Akid. That’s why people hate us. They are afraid that their money will finish if they donate to the poor. Be patient, little brother. Allah loves you,” Yanti Manap said.

“People hates poverty. I have 12 siblings. The villagers have labelled us, ‘Do not invite Abe Kob’s family. Too many children will finish up the curry,” Jajaramirez wrote.

Meanwhile, many netizens also wanted to help the family of the poor teenager. -MalaysiaGazette