The 46-year-old divorcee fell to his death while trying to run away from his lover’s husband.
The 46-year-old divorcee fell to his death while trying to run away from his lover’s husband. Si mati berusia 46 tahun maut dilokasi akibat terjatuh dari tingkat empat pangsapuri berkenaan ketika cuba melarikan diri dari suami kekasihnya.

By Reza A Hamid

JASIN – An affair between a divorcee and his married ex-girlfriend turned tragic after he fell to his death from the fourth floor of an apartment in Bemban yesterday.

The Jasin District Police Chief, Deputy Superintendent Mispani Hamdan said, in the 11.47 am incident, the 46-year-old deceased died at the scene after falling from the flat while trying to run away from the husband of his lover.

Preliminary investigation found that the witness, the deceased 37-year-old lover alleged that the man came to her house where she stays with her three children after her husband left at 12.00 am the night before.

“However, while they were in the living room at about 10.30 am yesterday, her husband came home suddenly and noticed that the deceased was there with his second wife.

“The man then locked the grill of the house before calling the police for further action,” he said in a statement.

The witness then asked her the lover whom she has known since 2005 to meet her husband but the request was rejected by the deceased who was married but divorced in 2017 before reconnecting with his ex-girlfriend and had been having an affair with her.

According to Mispani, the deceased, who was a businessman took a clothesline and tied it an iron bar at the corridor before he descended from the fourth floor of the apartment using the cable.

“The witness who was in her living room merely watched her lover’s action before she heard a loud thump outside the corridor.

“She then ran and saw the deceased on the ground with his face facing down, motionless,” he said.

Mispani said, physical examination on the fully clothed man found soil and blood on his face and a broken left arm.

“His body was sent to the Forensics Unit of Jasin Hospital and the case is classified as sudden death,” he said. -MalaysiaGazette