Sue me or resign – Tunku Aziz

Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim. PIX: Safwan Mansor
KUALA LUMPUR – Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim today challenged Datuk Seri FD Iskandar to sue him or resign as Media Prima Chairman.

The former DAP leader said, he has given FD Iskandar a week which ended yesterday to apologize.

“FD Iskandar should sue me and not me suing him.  I claimed that he is a liar and he only denied it but did not issue it publicly that I am not the reason why Buletin Utama ratings have gone down as I have demanded,” he said at a press conference today.

In a statement previously, Tunku Abdul Aziz claimed that FD Iskandar told Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak that Tunku Abdul Aziz was the reason why Buletin Utama ratings went down.

This information was conveyed to Tunku Abdul Aziz by a source.

Tunku Abdul Aziz then challenged FD Iskandar to publicly apologize and gave him one week which ended yesterday but he did not get any response from the Media Prima Chairman.

“Now FD has failed to meet my demand in seven days to prove that he is not guilty and it is him who should sue me and if he does not sue me, he has to resign.  Media Prima does not need anybody like him.”

When asked whether he has any personal problems with Iskandar, Abdul Aziz said he does not even know FD Iskandar prior to this.

“I am also shocked when he accused me out of the blue.”

He (FD Iskandar) claimed that Buletin Utama ratings went down due to my appearance on Buletin Utama 12 times between October and November when I only appeared 3 times.

Tunku Aziz who is also Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission panel member said, he will not reveal his source but said that the source is of high credibility.”

“I will carry the identity of my source to my grave but if he sues me, then I will expose the source in court.”

When asked whether he will explain to Najib, Tunku Abdul Aziz said, at this moment it is only between him and FD. – Malaysia Gazette


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