A Congolese woman holds a placard written 'Women require stable peace' as they sit in protest during talks between the opposition and the government of President Joseph Kabila outside the Conference episcopale nationale du Congo (CENCO) headquarters in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa. - REUTERS

BENIi, Congo (dpa) – About 43 people have been killed in fighting between a local militia and security forces in central Congo, Red Cross sources said Wednesday.

The fighting took place about 75 kilometres from Kananga, the capital of the province of Kasai Central, from Monday to Wednesday.

Members of the Mouvement Politico-Coutumier militia attacked police posts to obtain weapons, local reports said.

Red Cross sources said the fatalities included 42 militiamen and one police officer.

The army called for reinforcements to restore order, local official Floribert Mikobi Lobo said.

Dozens of people have been killed since August in attacks by the Mouvement Politico-Coutumier, an armed group targeting army installations and symbols of the state. – dpa


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