Demonstrators yell slogans during anti-Donald Trump immigration ban protests inside Terminal 4 at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, California, U.S., January 28, 2017. REUTERS

TEHRAN Jan 29 – Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani condemned US President Donald Trump’s recent executive order on visa ban saying the US was afraid ot its own shadow.

“A country that claims to have the greatest security power, does not make such decisions with anxiety and panic,” Larijani said during a parliament open session on Sunday, Iran’s Mehr News Agency (MNA) reported.

Trump’s executive order ban nationals of seven countries, including Iran, from entering the US.

Larijani said that naming Iran as one of the countries, under the pretext of fear of terrorist acts, was more like a joke.

“It is evident that Iran has stood alone against terrorists in recent years, those who were created by US, and later the other countries joined the process,” he noted.

Pointing to Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti’s post boycotting the Academy Awards to protest President Trump’s racist visa ban and to respect Iranian nation, Larijani described it as a sense of patriotism and an example of
“respect to Iranian national values.”

“The US government deals with a deep-rooted and civilised nation and these hasty and premature policies would reveal their fears and weaknesses rather than a way to show off their power,” he noted.

“Iran is firm in the fight against terrorism and will never fall for childish acts of some countries,” he noted.


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