TAIWAN – The story of a grandma carrying fresh fish in a Louis Vuitton (LV) bag had become viral in the social media.

A man posted in the Dcard social media saying that his grandmother did not know that the bag given to her was an iconic LV. She had used it as a grocery bag and filled it with fresh fish and other groceries from the market.

The man said, his grandmother was very excited and happy when she told him about the bag being waterproof although it was a little heavy.

The LV ‘Neverfull” is a highly priced branded handbag in Asia and also the world, with retail price of about RM5,000.

He also wrote that, his grandmother has been using an old hakka cloth bag for ages and he wanted to splurge on her by buying a new branded handbag.

He was speechless to see his grandmother waving the bag full of fresh fish and groceries at him. However, he did not want to point out the ‘mistake’ to her since it brought joy to her.

His post had received 31,000 ‘likes’ in the social media.

One of the user commented, “Your grandma must be the most stylish lady in the market. She struts around the market as she would on the runway. Even the fish has gone up in value.” -MalaysiaGazette


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