The police has seized approximately 14 kilogrammes (kg) of heroin worth RM340,100; 20kg of syabu (RM1.4 million); over 35kg of ecstasy powder (RM4.18 million); 33 litre of meth oil (RM924,000) and 20kg of cafein worth RM9,600 at a flat in Tingkat Paya Terubong 5, Georgetown, Penang.

PENANG – The state police has succeeded in busting another drug laboratory operating in a flat unit of Tingkat Paya Terubong 5, Georgetown. The drug bust is the biggest in the state this year with the seizure of RM6.8 million worth of narcotics.

The operation by the Crime and Narcotic Investigation Division has been following a man in his 50’s for about a month.

The state police chief, Datuk Chuah Ghee Lye said the rented flat serves as a processing laboratory of various narcotics for the local market.

In the raid, the police managed to seize approximately 14 kilogrammes (kg) of heroin worth RM340,100; 20kg of methamphetamine (syabu) worth RM1.4 million; over 35kg of ecstasy powder  worth RM4.18 million; 33 litre of meth oil worth RM924,000 and 20kg of caffeine worth RM9,600.

The apparatus and chemicals used in the processing of the drugs were also seized in the raid.

Elaborating further, Ghee Lye said, the unemployed man is single and have three criminal records over the past 13 years involving car stealth and possessing stolen materials.

The suspect is remanded until this Friday to assist in investigation under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

“Based on early information, the suspect is found positive on methampethamine and morphine,” he said in a media conference today.

Meanwhile, Ghee Lye also said that they are investigating if the rented flat is a transit lab to process the narcotics before being distributed to the other syndicates.

He added, the police is also hunting down the other suspects involved in the lab. – MalaysiaGazette


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