The girl suffered a painful ordeal when she was caned approximately 30 times

By Muhammad Azizul Osman

PUCHONG – A female senior citizen was arrested by the police following a viral video of her brutally beating a girl.

The video was recorded in a house in Taman Puchong Perdana, Puchong.

According to Subang Jaya Distric Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Azlin Sadari, the police have received report on the incidence and acted fast in saving the child.

“The victim has been rescued and the woman has been arrested for further investigation.

“We will inform about the development of case in near future,” he said.

The two minutes 15 seconds video recording showed a woman beating a girl around six-year old for approximately 30 times using what seemed like a rattan back scratcher. The victim’s head was also knocked against the wall several times, besides being kicked and slapped by the woman.

The incident was recorded by an individual known to the victim in the woman’s house.

The child is believed to be abused during lunch as she spilled her food on the dining table.

When the victim got up from the dining table, the woman beat the girl continuously.

The girl was also seen crying, and screaming from the pain she suffered.

It is believed that the child is not a family member of the abuser, but was under her temporary care. -MalaysiaGazette


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