Managing Director and Local Shareholder of McDonald’s Malaysia, Azmir Jaafar (centre) announced on the company’s decision against irresponsible individuals who called for the boycott of McDonald’s over Jerusalem issues.

By Norlaile Abd Rahma

PETALING JAYA – The sales of fast food in McDonald’s Malaysia is unaffected by the call to boycott the fast food chain following the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Managing Director of Gerbang Alaf Sdn. Bhd. and Local Shareholder Azmir Jaafar said, about 13 million of Malaysians visit the fast food franchise to enjoy their food monthly.

Nevertheless, the company is determined to lodge reports to the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) on the group and individuals involved in slandering the company.

The action was taken to protect the safety of its employees, their families and the assets of the company.

He elaborated that some of their employees received threats, however, he withheld from commenting further as it is under police investigation.

“We are worried that the situation will get worse and more aggressive due to the slanders when McDonald’s Malaysia has nothing to do with the Jews or Israel, especially in our policy of matching gift as it is a norm in the United States.

“We also do not want our employees to be insulted for working in McDonald’s. We have 12,000 direct employees, about 4,000 employees in the supply chain and 80 percent of them are Muslims.

“We pay zakat and income tax based on our annual income. We also contribute to the society through various charitable programmes.

“Just like other franchises, we only pay royalty to the franchisor, which is McDonald’s Corporation. We don’t pay any profit sharing to them,” he emphasized during the special media conference at the headquarters of McDonald’s Malaysia.

According to Azmir, stricter actions will be taken if the company suffers greater impact, including the loss of income of their employees.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s Malaysia also obtained the opinion from the Federal Territories Mufti Office, whereby, the order to boycott is only legit if it is issued by the ruler of the country. In this situation, none of the rulers, leaders or authorities ordered the people to stop visiting the restaurant.

The mufti’s office also find that McDonald’s Malaysia has the right to demand for suitable compensation from the individuals who called for the boycott to compensate their financial loss and the loss of employees from the call of boycott.

“Boycotting without valid facts is a slander.

“The Federal Territories Mufti’s Office also advised the individuals and non-government organisations who boycott and made false accusations on McDonald’s Malaysia to issue an open statement and to withdraw their accusations,” Azmir read out the statement from the mufti’s office. – MalaysiaGazette


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