Nur Dhabitah undeterred by World Series poor performance

Nue Dhabitah Sabri

KUALA LUMPUR – The tepid performance at the World Series Diving Championships this season is not deterring Nur Dhabitah Sabri to put up her best performance at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia next month

Nur Dhabitah, 19, will be pairing with senior diver, Leong Mun Yee, said her failure at the both World Series in Beijing, China and Fuji, Japan, would not dishearten her from serving the nation.

“What we need is to continue intensifying training before the Commonwealth Games starts, all national divers and I are not taking a break. With more specific and and effective training, I am sure it will enhance our confidence to improve,” she told reporters at a Podium Programme media conference at the National Sports Institute (ISN) today.

The combination of Nur Dhabitah and Mun Yee did not win any medals after two World Series Diving Championship which began early this month.
On their combination, Nur Dhabitah said even though Mun Yee had not taken part in the spring board for a long time, she did her best and got better after every jump.

“For me, Mun Yee is a strong diver. At the World Series, she was improving her score with each jump we made together. I am confident Mun Yee and I would do well at the Commonwealth Games,” she said.

The diver from Kuala Lumpur will be competing in four events, the 1m springboard, 3pm springboard, as well as synchronised 3m springboard and the synchronise 10m pla tform with Mun Yee.

Meanwhile Mun Yee who partnered Pandelela to grab a silver medal in the synchronise 10m platform at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, said she and Nur Dhabitah were prepared to face strong challenges in the championships from April 6 to 15.

Mun Yee, 33, said even though she had not been performing, she hope to give her best with Nur Dhabitah in the Commonwealth Games.


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