The Chief Activist of Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) Datuk Nadzim Johan mingled with the media practioners from Malaysia Gazette at Restoran D'Anis Putri, Kuala Lumpur. PIX: IQBAL BASRI, 30 MARCH 2018

By Mohd Zaini Samsu Hadi

KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Nadzim Johan denied that he had talked ill about Yusuf Azmi on exiting the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) in relation to his brother.

On the contrary, the Chief Activist of the association said that Yusuf left PPIM at his own will and he has his personal reasons.

“Yusuf’s exit from PPIM has nothing to do with that matter. He did that at his own will,” he said at a media conference today, after being asked to elaborate on the netizens accusations on the social media that Yusuf’s resignation from PPIM is related to his brother.

Yusof informed of his resignation from PPIM on Tuesday.

Allegations surrounded Yusuf’s decision as a way to cover his brother’s scandal who had misused his position in PPIM for his personal gains.

Meanwhile, Nadzim also emphasized that the association has went through a lot of challenges since its inception.

He said, they have grown accustomed to the allegations thrown at their strive all these years.

“We view these (accusations) as an experience and we will stay steadfast in our objectives to help the people.

“This could be a challenge from what we are doing. What’s more important, we must do it wisely,” he said. -MalaysiaGazette


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