PAS UMNO gila talak divorce sickness had received a moral boost in conjunction with the 14th General Election (GE14) when its President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang won his defamation suit against the Sarawak Report at the High Court in London. Clare Rewcastle Brown
President of PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang FILE PIX: FAREEZ FADZIL, 01 MAY 2017

KUANTAN: The Election Commission (EC) has the right to fix polling on any day it chooses, including Wednesday, said PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

He said the important thing was for the people to be aware of their responsibility as voters and for the party machinery to get its voters staying outside their respective polling area to return to exercise their right.

“Don’t blame the EC. We don’t want to interfere because that is its right to have polling on any day. For us, no matter what day, we will go to the polls, even if it’s a Friday, (because) it’s not the whole day that we perform the Friday prayer,” he said.

Abdul Hadi said this at the “Amanat Piilihan Raya Pas Teraju Pahang” programme in Cenderawasih here last night, which was also attended by Pahang PAS commissioner Rosli Jabar and his deputy, Andansura Rabu.

Yesterday, the EC announced May 9 as the polling date, resulting in some quarters to express their disappointment because it falls on a working day and in the middle of the week.

Meanwhile, on the action by DAP in placing three Malay candidates to contest in Pahang for the 14th general election (GE14), Abdul Hadi said it was a strategy by the party so as not to be seen “chauvinistic”.

He said the willingness by DAP to use the PKR logo in the coming general election also could be regarded as wanting to attract Malay voters.

Last Sunday, DAP named three Malay candidates to contest in Pahang, namely Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puri, who is the incumbent Mentakab assemblyman, for the Raub parliamentary seat, Abu Bakar Lebai Sudin (Pulau Manis state seat) and Young Syefura Othman or Rara (Ketari state seat).

On the PAS candidates, Abdul Hadi said an announcement on the matter would be made on April 19 with the party having more “energetic young people” as its candidates.

“We (also) have non-Muslim candidates where they will be fielded in places we want them to win,” he said.

Asked whether he would defend his Marang parliamentary seat and the Rhu Rendang state seat, Abdul Hadi said he was leaving the matter to the party, but added: “InsyaAllah, I will”.

Abdul Hadi also said the party had yet to name its candidates for the prime minister’s post, should it win in GE14.

To be the prime minister, one must win the general election, he added. Bernama


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