1MDB: Najib last to be charged

Abdul Hamid Bin Yeop Zainuddin with book written by Ibuyati.

KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Najib Razak should be the last person to be charged in regards to the 1MDB case.

It is even possible that the former Prime Minister would not face any accusations in the case as contrary to popular belief despite the scandal was the prominent factor for the loss of the political party, Barisan Nasional during the general election recently.

That was the opinion of an independent political analyst, Abdul Hamid Yeop Zainuddin when commenting on a hot issue being raised on police investigations and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) against Najib and the raids on the premises linked to him.

Hamid came to the conclusion by referring to a book written by Ibuyati, Journalism Analysis on DOJ.

Ibuyati or Wan Noor Hayati Wan Alias is a journalist from Berita Harian who has won the Kajai Award.

“Everyone who talks about 1MDB and RM2.6 billion should read this book, especially the police and the MACC who are investigating this case,” he told Malaysian Gazette recently.

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Abdul Hamid Bin Yeop Zainuddin

He also fully supported the author’s suggestion for the authorities to ‘clarify the truth’ as making open statements without the support of evidence, giving the wrong facts or information is an act of sedition and defamation.

Hamid also supported the statement of Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, whose new government is now pursuing the Rule of Law, a system where the law comes first.

One of the principles of the law is that one is innocent until proven guilty and the verdict whether they are guilty, or innocent is acclimated through the process of justice in court, not through the popularity of the accusation of campaigns and so on.

“The book explained a lot and it can help the readers to identify and differentiate slanders and truths.

“It’s a critical moment because it’s obvious that some issues, cases, proofs and claims have been mixed up like salads.

“This is a big case that needs to be considered, refined, scrutinized, isolated one by one and there are hundreds of factual proposals listed in this book which can be an indication and brings such evidence of the irregularity of 1MDB’s money, which are linked to Najib,” he explained.

Based on the book, Hamid is confident that the information can be accessed by everyone and not limited to the authorities as it also contained information certified by the FBI in the United States.

Hamid also suggested that some allegations needed to be distinguished, although there is a general lookalike among the allegations as were totally different from the point of view of the law.

It included the items seized from Najib linked premises and another case involving RM2.6 billion which was transferred into Najib’s personal account.

Apart from that, Hamid said Jho Low, the luxury boat of The Equanimity and 1MDB’s financial irregularities should also be addressed.

“Some VVIPs had openly admitted to confirming the RM2.6B was a donation from the Arabian Prince, including former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (who was called by the MACC yesterday and today), former Attorney General Tan Sri Apandi Ali, Deputy Director of MACC, Azam Baki and several others”.

“Why were they not called for the investigation and why were they not arrested by police for giving false information and attempted to hide criminal acts?” Hamid asked.

According to him, the same book had clearly explained from where, how and who was the person who deposited the RM2.6 billion into Najib’s account.

“Obviously it was not Najib who put the RM2.6 billion into his account.

“If the RM2.6 billion was stolen, then, Najib can be charged with storing and possessing stolen goods.

“But it must first be proven that the RM2.6 billion is the stolen money, who was the owner, who was the thief and how it was stolen,” he said.

“Clearly to Rule by The Law as according to Mahathir’s statement, Najib should be the last person to be charged after everybody else is proven and convicted.”

“Otherwise, the RM2.6 billion was not from 1MDB,” Hamid said.

In addition, Hamid insisted that Jho Low had nothing to do with 1MDB and he had two implications.

“Firstly, the parties should be arrested and investigated in advance for allegations of false information, lies and attempts to cover criminal acts but this did not happen and clearly did not follow the Rules of Law.”

“The implications of Jho Low’s allegations against 1MDB have further reinforced the evidence that 1MDB’s misappropriation as 1MDB has channelled a huge sum of money to Jho Low,” he said.

“It may indicate that the party who illegally distributed 1MDB money to Jho Low is a party that may have ‘stolen’ the 1MDB money,” he said.

“Why didn’t the authorities take action against 1MDB and its employees involved by seizing all 1MDB properties and freezing all 1MDB accounts while it was reported that even UMNO’s account was frozen for investigation?”

“Obviously this also did not follow the Rules of the Law,” he said.

Hamid also pointed out that the move to immediately accuse Najib also clearly did not follow the standard operating procedures as it could be considered as having malicious intent towards him.

“Furthermore, if the case of misappropriation of tens of billions of ringgit of 1MDB money, which was also the Malaysian government’s money, was true, it could not be done by Najib alone,” he added.

“It certainly involved a bunch of people who came together, conspired and are branded as conspirators.

“Why are these conspirators covered up and not under investigation? Obviously, that also did not follow the Rules of the Law,” he claimed.

Hence, Hamid recommended that all Malaysians, especially those who have voted for Pakatan Harapan, to read the book.

When asked about the current development on the 1MDB special task force, Hamid replied briefly;

“Only one sentence is enough to free Najib from anything to be accused which is ‘I do not know’,” he said. – MalaysiaGazette


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