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By Ainul Asniera Ahsan

KUALA LUMPUR – The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) was condemned after its management proposed to implement several measures against borrowers who failed to serve their loans.

Besides a ban on overseas trip, the PTPTN also wanted to block defaulters from renewing their passport, license, road tax and business license.

The proposals were strongly criticised by netizens who took the internet by storm.

Netizen Augustine Mellblen claimed that the latest proposal by the education fund as the stupidest suggestion he has ever hear.

“As all PTPTN activists died? Where are all their ideas?” he commented on PTPTN’s Facebook page.

Mohd Iqbal B. Johari said: “I heard from TV3 (news) just now, those who don’t pay their loans will be blacklisted, cannot leave the country, cannot renew their license… many will be driving without license after this.

Meanwhile, Wan Azua said: “If you really want to suspend something… just suspend the passport…. You don’t need to suspend the driving license, business licence, idiot… how should a person travel to work?”

Nor Musliza Othman on the other hand requested PTPTN to not show cruelty by implementing those suggestions.

“Please don’t be cruel. Suspension on renewal of driving license. That license is important,” she wrote.

Some netizens reminded the PTPTN on Pakatan Harapan’s 14th General Election (GE14) manifesto.

Among them include Erica Silverstine who sarcastically said, “Wow! How good it is. Where is the free education that PH promised? The promise that PTPTN will be abolished and we do not need to pay PTPTN loan. Where are your sweet promises?? PH government?? Where is the free education?”

On the other hand, Shafee Dulaip said: “It is true that we need to repay our PTPTN. We need to repay our debts. But, what happened to the sweet promises of the PH government to strike off PTPTN loans repayment during the previous GE???”

In their manifesto, the PH has promised to delay PTPTN repayment for those with less than RM4,000 salary per month. The repayment will also depend on the wages of the borrowers and at the same time, the immigration blacklist for the borrowers will also be revoked.

Many borrowers also took the chance and requested the government to consider abolishing the interests charged to the PTPTN borrowers.

Mawaddah Warahmah Rusdi for instance, said: “I hope that the government will not charge high interest rate on the borrowers… it is with great hope that the government can abolish interests on education loans.”

Meanwhile, Livin Rozar wrote: “PTPTN… think in a mature manner… why did the fee become so high that we need to be in debt in order to gain and education… seek a way to counter that problem… you can’t even think rationally on something so simple.” -MalaysiaGazette

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