Sandakan was not the first – Haziq

Haziq Aziz gay sex Azmin Ali

KUALA LUMPUR – The individual involved in the intimate videos with Datuk Seri Mohamad Azmin Ali, Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz claimed that the sexual encounter at Fourpoint Hotel Sandakan was not the first.

He also alleged that there were three other encounters with the Minister of Economic Affairs before the incident in Sandakan.

“First it was at the Grand Continental Kuching 3 years ago, then at Pullman Kuching during Pemilihan Parti (party election) in October last year.

“We did it again in Grand Hyatt KL during your stint as Menteri Pengiring to the Sultan of Brunei in March this year and our recent encounter at Fourpoint Sandakan last month,” he said in a statement.

Haziq made a sworn testimony yesterday morning that he is the individual involved in the gay sex video recorded on 11 May in a hotel room in Sandakan. It was also during the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims fast.

According to Haziq, lack of support in his sworn testimony has made him questioned the sincerity of the new government in pursuing reformation.

He said, it can be seen after he was accused by the Prime Minister of having a political agenda after making the confession.

“I was scared and the only comfort I received from you was when you sent Hilman to meet me at Zest Restaurant in Marriot Putrajaya on that fateful day. I waited for an hour and it felt like I was a mere afterthought,” he said while adding that Hilman forced him to deny that it was Azmin in the viral video and asked him to lie.

According to Haziq who is also the Senior Private Secretary to the Deputy Minister of Primary Industry Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin, he had asked for more time to consult his parents and that angered Hilman.

“After I refused he made threats and said ‘this’ will be shut down within 48 hours with or without my help to lie.

“It broke me that Azmin Ali, the man I looked up to choose to tie his loose ends rather than owning up to his mistakes. I know you are a sick man because only you could have recorded the videos for personal collection after inviting me to your hotel room on all occasions,” he said.

Meanwhile, Haziq was worried that more videos will be leaked and the luxury of Azmin as a minister is deniability whereas Haziq’s future is over.

He also alleged that Mohamed Azmin has the full support of the Prime Minister before any formal investigation is done.

However, he said, only the truth can set him free as he is concerned for the safety of his family and himself. -MalaysiaGazette

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