Muslim youths choose clubbing over prayers

Ustaz Ebit Lew Muslim youths clubbing
PIX: Facebook of Ustaz Ebit Lew

KUALA LUMPUR – Islamic Preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew shared his experience approaching Muslim youths who frequent the night clubs.

The famed motivational preacher said, he could only cry while preaching in the clubs at 1.00 a.m in the morning.

According to him, the entertainment joints are filled with Muslim youths, queuing their way into and out of the outlets.

“The outlets are filled with our youths. The smiles on their faces are just like my children at home.

“Some invited me to take pictures with them, many also ran away,” he said in his Facebook post.

Ebit are among the freelance Islamic preacher who dared to approach the marginalised groups, ranging from teenagers with problems, transgenders, street workers and the homeless.

He was also overwhelmed by sadness when a girl in her 20’s admitted to him that she had never prayed.

“Ustaz, we have never prayed. We are filthy with sins. Will Allah forgive us?

”I explained to her, Allah will always love them. He gives us faith, be grateful to Allah and mind your prayers. Don’t ever leave your prayers. Pray to Allah for the strength to break free from sins,” he said.

He shared that among the 100 individuals he met, almost all of them have ditched prayers.

“Only a few of them pray. Sadly, some of them only pray when their parents passed away.

“They are good people nonetheless, they listened to advice. Some took the opportunity to ask me about the religion.

“Allah, please help and bless these youths. Save them from the world of alcohol, sin and missing prayers,” he said. -MalaysiaGazette


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