Jawi khat Bahasa Melayu The state assemblyman of Teratai, Bryan Lai Wai Chong PIX: IQBAL BASRI / MalaysiaGazette / 28 FEBRUARY 2019
The state assemblyman of Teratai, Bryan Lai Wai Chong PIX: IQBAL BASRI / MalaysiaGazette / 28 FEBRUARY 2019

PETALING JAYA – The leaders in DAP started to make a different stance on the teaching of khat writing or Islamic calligraphy (Jawi) through Bahasa Melayu.

After a group of 13 DAP state assemblymen protested the plan of the Education Ministry in by issuing a joint-statement, a state assemblyman from the party gave a different opinion.

The Teratai State Assemblyman from Selangor, Bryan Lai Wai Chong said that those who objected to the teaching of Jawi is akin to the extremists who objected any structure of the cross on a building.

“Some people joked and said that the extremists created an uproar when a building is added with a few crosses, in fear that it would influence the Muslims in changing their faith.

“Now, why are there fears for the six pages in the Bahasa Melayu text book teaching Jawi writing, that the Muslims will evade Chinese schools? Is there any differences between these two groups?” asked the state assemblyman in a social media post.

When contacted by Sinchew Daily, the state assemblyman said that many people choose to narrow their mind and refuse to learn Jawi.

“Based on the proposal of the Education Ministry. Only six pages will be added not. It’s not the introduction of a new text book.

“Besides that, the calligraphy art will also not be included in the examination,” he said, stating that the six pages are merely a brief introduction to Jawi writing.

According to Wai Chong, he also supports that the Chinese language be enriched, where, the Oracle-bone script, the earliest known form of systematic Chinese writing should be taught in schools.

On the issues of road signs in Jawi, Wai Chong said that although they have discussed on its feasibility, the National Language Act stated that Jawi is Bahasa Melayu, thus, the Jawi writing on the signs should not cause any problem.

Meanwhile, the DAP Political Education Director Liew Chin Tong said, it is normal to have differences in a party.

However, he emphasized that an issue must be viewed thoroughly and debated based on the reality and its background.

“DAP sees things in a whole context, not just the Chinese, or the Malays,” he said as quoted in China Press.

A group of 13 state assemblyman and 15 leaders from DAP, especially from the DAP Youth Socialists objected to the proposal of the Ministry of Education to incorporate Islamic khat calligraphy in the syllabus of Bahasa Melayu for Year Four to Six.

Led by Tras state assemblyman from Pahang, Chow Yu Hui, the group find that the Jawi introduction will affect the policy of ‘three languages, three writings’ (mother tongue, Malay language and English) in vernacular schools by creating a ‘three language four writings’ environment. -MalaysiaGazette



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