Uncle Kentang comes to the rescue, YB Prabakaran goes ‘missing’

Uncle Kentang Kuan Chee Heng P. Prabakaran
Philanthropist Kuan Chee Heng aka Uncle Kentang during the N.24 Semenyih by-election campaign PIX: IQBAL BASRI / MalaysiaGazette / 25 FEBRUARY 2019.

By Kasthuri Jeevendran

KUALA LUMPUR – The social media went frenzy when a former candidate for the Semenyih by-election, Kuan Chee Heng, affectionately known as Uncle Kentang seek public donation to assist an Indian family.

The philanthropist said that the Indian family needed money for the funeral of their loved one, whose body was still in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital as their family has no money to buy coffin and prepare for his funeral.

Due to poverty, the elderly mother of the deceased man could not fork out RM2,500 to for the funeral of her son. According to Uncle Kentang, they have tried contacting the Member of Parliament (MP) of Batu, P. Prabakaran but it was no avail as the MP did not answer the phone.

The warm-hearted Malaysians responded to his post, started to chip-in and they managed to collect the funds required and resolved the issue without the help of Prabakaran, who should be more sensitive with the condition of the people around his area.

Uncle Kentang then uploaded another status on his Facebook just now, stating that the family has received the help they needed.

“Thank you ‘anak Malaysia’. The body of the Indian man stranded in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital has been claimed by his family. The funeral arrangements will be made today. There is no need to wait for YB. His phone was not answered at all.

“Forgive him (Prabakaran). He is too busy. Thanks to all donors and the merdeka spirit in each and everyone of you. Thank you,” he wrote.

Despite losing during the previous by-election, Uncle Kentang remains active in social and charitable works and he helps anyone who needed, beyond their backgrounds and colour of their skins.

Meanwhile, MalaysiaGazette also observed that most netizens thanked Chee Heng and encouraged him to return to contest in the political arena as he truly has the attributes of a people’s representative.

Prabakaran was also being criticised for not carrying out his duty by taking care of the interests and welfare of the people. -MalaysiaGazette


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