cabinet reshuffle Minister of Education Dr. Maszlee Malik PIX: NOOREEZA HASHIM / MalaysiaGazette / 08 AUGUST 2019. Mahathir Mohamad
Minister of Education Dr. Maszlee Malik PIX: NOOREEZA HASHIM / MalaysiaGazette / 08 AUGUST 2019.

KUALA LUMPUR – Minister of Education, Dr Maszlee Malik will maintain his current portfolio as there is no Cabinet reshuffle, said Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Admitting that the educational system needs radical changes, however, Dr Mahathir said that it not necessary needs to be done by appointing a new Education Minister.

Based on his observation, he noticed that the quality and the increment of teachers and students in the country is ununiformed.

“Some schools are good, some schools are not. It could be caused by the different quality of teachers.

“We want the best quality teachers to record their teachings so that it can be used by other teachers by projecting them on screen, for instance in languages courses prepared by experts in that field,” he said when asked about the concerns of the public who demands changes on the national educational system.

When asked if Maszlee will be replaced with another candidate, Dr Mahathir said, “No.” He also gave the same answer when he was asked if there would any Cabinet reshuffle.

He said, they only have one year of experience in the Cabinet, thus, they need time to get themselves into their new roles.

“New ministers may not be better. As what we have seen, a new Prime Minister may also not be a good Prime Minister,” he said.

When asked if his successor will reshuffle the Cabinet, Dr Mahathir said, it may happen as the next Prime Minister may want his own Cabinet.

However, he also thinks that a Cabinet reshuffle may create more problems than overcoming them.

“I tend to change people to solve problems. I’ve changed people, sacked people and called them back again,” he said.

Dr Mahathir also repeated his promise to surrender his post to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as what they have agreed after he solve the main problems of the country. -MalaysiaGazette

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