Muhammad Adib coroner Activist and Lawyer, Siti Kasim PIX: FAREEZ FADZIL / MalaysiaGazette / 27 AUGUST 2019 SK SJK
Activist and Lawyer, Siti Kasim PIX: FAREEZ FADZIL / MalaysiaGazette / 27 AUGUST 2019

KUALA LUMPUR – The national schools (SK) should be shut down first before closing down vernacular schools, Siti Kasim said in respond to the calls for the government to shut down vernacular schools.

The lawyer and activist said, in reality, the vernacular schools are more diverse than the SK as 99 percent of their students are Malays.

“Nowadays, even the Malays refuse to send their children to SK. In reality, the students in Chinese type national schools (SJKC) are more diverse than SK, which have 99 percent Malay students,” she said in an interview with China Press.

Siti also said that certain religious teachers in SK are ‘problematic’ while quoting an example of her friend, who was reprimanded and shamed by a teacher because her daughter does not wear tudung (headscarf).

“What is their right to criticise people? Such teacher’s quality is very bad,” she said.

Siti, who founded the Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity Foundation (Maju) said that certain teachers believe that they will go to heaven if they managed to bring a person to Islam.

“Such teachers have forgotten that their job is not to change other people’s religion but to bring knowledge to the students,” she said.

She also argued about the Form Four History textbooks, where 70 percent of its content is about the civilisation of Islam.

“The problem is not only limited to History but also Geography and other subjects. Too many religious subjects are being put into the education system,” she said.

According to Siti, schools should not only focus on religion as it will cause the students to be nondependent.

When asked to evaluate the performance of the Pakatan Harapan government, Siti Kasim said that the political coalition only deserves 1 out of 10 marks as the people are very disappointed with the government.

“They get one mark because it is easier to meet the ministers and the government.

“But it is useless to only meet and listen to the people if the government did nothing to follow up after that,” she said. -MalaysiaGazette

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