MOE to investigate students singing Negaraku in Mandarin


By Kasthuri Jeevendran

KUALA LUMPUR – The wrong Jalur Gemilang display issue which happened two weeks ago has yet to be subsided. Today, a Mandarin version of Negaraku once again ignited unease among Malaysians.

The national anthem cannot be modified in any way as recorded in Section 8 of the National Anthem Act 1968. Failing to respect the Negaraku is liable to a fine or imprisonment.

The 1:22 minute video showing school students singing Negaraku in Mandarin at a classroom went viral since early this morning.

Most of the students in the video were Chinese and one of them could be Malay as she was wearing a headscarf. Nevertheless, the location and time of the incident has yet to be identified.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) said that it is actively conducting an investigation on the viral video.

“MOE will never compromise with anyone who tries to break the regulations involving the Constitution of Malaysia, purportedly or not,” said the statement.

The National Anthem Act 1968, was formed to protect the credibility, prestige, integrity and dignity of the Negaraku.

Based on an observation by MalaysiaGazette, most of the netizens, regardless of their background condemn the action and expressed their dissatisfaction. They also demanded stern actions to be taken against the perpetrators.

A netizen tried to defend the action saying that the Negaraku was sung in Mandarin so that the students can comprehend the meaning of the song.

Nevertheless, some questioned how could the students not understand the meaning of their national anthem and it had to be translated into Mandarin. –MalaysiaGazette

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  1. Insular education – these are the children who will not mix well with other races and who are not likely to be able to speak Malay well. There are also more likely to become racist against other Malaysians.


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