Mathematics, Science to be taught in English again – PM

Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad PIX: HAZROL ZAINAL / MalaysiaGazette / 29 JANUARY 2020.
Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad PIX: HAZROL ZAINAL / MalaysiaGazette / 29 JANUARY 2020.

KUALA LUMPUR – English will be used to teach Mathematics and Science again.

Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said, the measure will encourage the usage and mastery of the language among Malaysians.

He, who is acting as the Minister of Education emphasized on the importance of mastering English besides both Mathematics and Science subjects are indigenous fields of knowledge to Malaysia.

“Geography and history can come in any languages but Science and Mathematics are not indigenous to us.

“It comes from outside and a big part of it comes to us in English. Therefore, we will use English in the teaching of Science and Mathematics,” he said in a special meeting with the management team of the Education Ministry.

Earlier, the Teaching and Learning of Science and Maths in English (PPSMI) was implemented in 2003. It was then abolished by the government.

Meanwhile, Mahathir also acknowledged that Malaysians want to see a revamp in the national education system and he found several weaknesses in the current policy which require immediate attention.

“My opinion is not always popular or acceptable to many people but I need to push certain things to ensure that our children will be able to tackle the problems in life when they grow up. That is the purpose of education,” he added.

Mahathir also said that the multi-races people in the country is a double edged sword for it can cause problems but it also has the potential to contribute towards the development of the country.

He also said that the development of the country is the result of good working relationship between all races.

“It a country is not stable, if it is at war, we can forget about development,” he said. -MalaysiaGazette

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