MH370 mass murder suicide plot pilot Malaysia Airlines Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott
Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott PIX: MalaysiaGazette

SYDNEY – The ‘highest levels’ of the Malaysian government believed that the passengers in the missing MH370 were killed by the pilot in a suicide, said the former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott in an interview.

“My understanding – my very clear understanding – from the very top levels of the Malaysian government is that from very, very early on here they thought it was a murder-suicide by the pilot.

“Let me reiterate – I want to be absolutely crystal clear – it was understood at the highest levels that this was almost certainly murder suicide by the pilot. A mass murder suicide by the pilot,” he told Sky News.

The unfortunate MH370 went missing on 8 March 2014 after departing from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport en route to Beijing.

Abbott, the then Prime Minister of Australia revealed the details of his conversation with Malaysian leaders for the first time in s Sky News MH370: The Untold Story documentary which will be aired on Wednesday night on Foxtel.

The Malaysia Airlines aircraft was carrying 239 passengers onboard, including six from Australia and two from New Zealand.

The pilot in command was 53-year-old Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a senior pilot of the airline.

“Good night. Malaysian three-seven-zero,” were his last words to air traffic control before the plane dropped off the radar at 1:21am. – MalaysiaGazette

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