No COVID-19 infection at Alpinia Bandar Putra

Alpina Bandar Putra Johor Covid-19 fake news

JOHOR BAHRU – The Johor Health Department today denied having issued a statement asking the public to avoid the playground at the Alpina residential area in Bandar Putra, near Kulai , due to COVID-19.

The department, in a statement uploaded on its Facebook, said that no COVID-19 infection has been detected in the area so far.

“Residents are advised to not issue any advice about COVID-19 without obtaining verified information from the health authorities as it could create panic among residents and makes it difficult for the health authorities to carry out their duties,” it said.

Prior to this, it has been viralled on the social media of a notice by the Resident Association of Alpinia Bandar Putra Kulai, asking the public to avoid the playing field and children’s playground in the residential area as a safety measure, claiming that there was a case of COVID-19 infection in the area.


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