Netizens laud cop who rescues puppy while manning roadblock

PDRM police rescue puppy monsoon drain MCO roadblock

KUALA LUMPUR – Despite his hectic schedule, a police personnel took a break from manning a roadblock to save a puppy which had fallen into a monsoon drain nearby.

A one minute 37 second video of the policeman rescuing the stray puppy which has made its round on social media has touched the hearts of Malaysians.

The video which was also uploaded on the Royal Malaysia Police Facebook page has garnered over 8,000 likes and 1,000 shares so far.

Apart from the heroic act by the Shah Alam police headquarters’ Mobile Patrol Vehicle unit personnel, netizens were touched to see two older dogs approaching the cop and wagging their tails as if to show their gratitude for his noble deed.

Veronica Yong, a Facebook user, said: “PDRM is the best. 100 per cent salute you. Wish there will be more people who will show their care to all God’s creation. Thank you, thank you.”

Edwin Modungit wrote: “This is the kind of spirit that we want, can inspire others to always love living things. May God reward your good deeds.”

Also making its round on social media is a video of a wheelchair-bound woman who was given a face mask and a pair of gloves by a Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) personnel.

The one-minute video uploaded by a Facebook account holder by the name of Khairul Zulkefli yesterday has since received over 18,000 likes and 2,100 shares.

Netizens were touched by the spontaneous act of the MAF personnel who was seen putting the face mask on the woman when she was spotted going out without wearing any personal protective equipment.

It was said that the woman was there to buy groceries at a nearby supermarket.

A social media user, Mohd Azhar Nurriddin said: “I pray that the aunty will always be protected. Thank you to the helpful frontliner, PDRM and ATM.”

Meanwhile, My Gpx said: “Thank you bro! May everything be easier.”



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