Long queues as India opens liquor stores

India liquor stores Delhi coronavirus lockdown
There were long queues outside liquor shops in Delhi, India when they reopened on Monday after a coronavirus lockdown

DELHI – Police in India’s capital Delhi shut liquor stores in parts of the city, hours after they opened for the first time since 24 March.

India issued new guidelines that came into effect on Monday, permitting some standalone shops and offices to open.

States have been pushing for liquor shops to reopen as excise duty on alcohol is a major source of income.

However, videos of snaking lines and jostling crowds in front of the shops have gone viral.

This is despite strict orders that people buying alcohol would have to stand six feet apart, and that only five people would be allowed inside a shop at any given time.

Delhi was among several states that reopened liquor shops, but similar scenes are being reported from other parts of the country.

In the southern state of Karnataka, queues formed outside alcohol shops from very early morning.

Earlier, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that it was time for restrictions to be relaxed in the city, saying it was time the city “learned to live with the coronavirus”.

With the economy slowing dramatically due to India’s grinding lockdown, there has been pressure to partially ease restrictions.

But social distancing is proving to be a real challenge. -BBC

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  1. Thank God if you are a non-alcoholic person. In Islam, all intoxicants are Haram (Forbidden). Islam allows to a curtain degree the usage of it in the medical field to save lives from infectious disease and viruses. You can have it in the sanitizing liquids and perfumes. You can have it applied on the body but to imbibe and get high is not allowed. The Qur’an says that the evils in the intoxicants are greater than the benefits. When you are under the influence of alcohol you tend to lose consciousness and you are no longer living in the reality of what is happening around. When you are high on alcohol you can do the most heinous crimes that even cause the lives of you near and dear ones. Crimes like rape, wife and children battering, use of foul language, doing immoral acts in public, the list goes on. Not only that, you will be preparing for an early exit from life due to health reasons, wasting your hard earned money and wasting time non-productively happens when you are drunk. We are shown in the movies that people should drink and forget about their worries. Yes, but it is only momentarily because you are in a different world when you are drunk. By when you gain consciousness the problems you faced are far from over. So what is the best way to solve problems. I suggest, one should go back to spirituality, meditation and take refuge in God. At the same time, use your God given brains to think critically and creatively. I am pretty sure, if you stay focused and do the necessary things to overcome your problems, eventually you would be able to solve the problems you are confronting at the moment. Plus divine intervention from God will come too. So, guys please stay healthy and be a productive member of your family, community and the country at large. The government should conduct campaigns against alcohol abuse at all levels of schooling. Having said that, I also suggest the same for smoking, vaping, drugs, etc. It might sound that I am too idealistic about what I have written thus far, but I think I have the right to my opinion. After all, a good life is living between idealism and realism. They say, the idealists are having their heads in the clouds and do not care of what happens on the ground. Conversely, the realists live a purely earthly and hedonistic life. As a Muslims we are told to live mid-way between idealism and realism (wasatiyyah, for this world and hereafter). As such, you can have your heads in the clouds floating with lofty ideas and ideals, but at the same time your feet must be firmly rooted on the ground (daily life issues). You must work hard for your living in this world and at the same time don’t forget to conduct yourself morally, ethically and spiritually. My last word will be, lead a happy, meaningful and a blissful life. May God be with us. Have a nice day.


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