Alvin Goh tells why he fled MACC’s perimeter

money laundering Macau Scam king, Alvin Goh Leong Yeong who is implicated with several local popular celebrities.
Macau Scam king, Alvin Goh Leong Yeong who is implicated with several local popular celebrities.

KUALA LUMPUR – After being arrested by the police while hiding in a resort at Pahang, a confession video from the main suspect of a money laundering case, Goh Leong Yeong or Alvin Goh went viral in the social media.

In the 8 minute 39 seconds video, Alvin denied that he was involved with the Macau Scam as alleged.

He said that he was never granted the Datuk Seri title and owns a telecommunications and technology equipment company at Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang.

“However, I was never involved in Macau Scam or online gaming,” he said in the viral video.

The video is believed to be uploaded by his friend before it turned viral in the social media.

In the video, he said that he will surrender himself to the authorities to assist into the investigation but he did not do so.

Alvin also confessed that he fled through the backdoor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

“I was finally released on 11 October, however, I realised that the police would detain me under POCA or Prevention of Crime Act 1959.

“To my knowledge, to be charged under POCA is very serious matter.

“After 10 days of detention at the MACC, I was tired and I could not think straight. After my release, I decided not to exit through the MACC’s main entrance. I exit through the back entrance. A few days later, I saw on the internet that I was wanted by the PDRM,” said Alvin.

Yesterday, the Bukit Aman Director of Criminal Investigation Department, Datuk Huzir Mohamed said that the suspect who is also the coordinator of Macau Scam activity in China was arrested after the police intelligence Alvin him since 12 October.

Huzir also said that Alvin frequently moved from one place to another to avoid from being tracked by the police.

The media reported earlier that the main suspect of the money-laundering syndicate managed to flee with the assistance of his two bodyguards based on the closed circuit television (CCTV) footage at the MACC building in Putrajaya. –MalaysiaGazette

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