“Don’t be like me, a drug slave for 14 years” – Former addict

drug slave drug addict drug addiction
(Picture for representational purposes only) Some of the drug addicts arrested during the Integrated Operation to Curb Illegal Activities (Ops Bah) at the Desa Rejang PPR, Persiaran Rejang, Taman Setapak Jaya in Kuala Lumpur.PIX: MalaysiaGazette / 21 September 2017

BESUT –  A slave to drug since he was 15 years-old, Fais (not his real name) could only hope to be able to push back the clock and regain the trust and confidence of the  people he had deceived and betrayed, and start a fresh life.

“Don’t be like me…my wife left me and I can no longer see my daughter, all because of my addiction to drug, I was a drug slave,” said Fais, 30, who is now undergoing treatment at the Narcotic Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (Puspen).

His addiction to ecstasy pills began when he was 15 and still in school then and managed to hide his addiction from his family members until he was 20, when they started to become suspicious.

“At first my friend gave me the ecstasy pills to let my try, it was supposed to help me deal with my stress and keep me awake, but I became dependent and addicted to it for almost 14 years until I was arrested by  the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) last year,” he said when met by Bernama, here, recently.

During the early stage, Fais said he only needed one pill daily, but after some time, he needed to take up to five pills daily.

“That cost me about RM5o and it took a toll on my pocket,” said Fais, who used to work at a car spray workshop, when met by Bernama recently.

He said it was because of his addiction that made him work hard so that he could earn enough to get his supply of the drug for the day.

Fais, who only completed Form Five, said his wife only knew about his drug addiction a few months after they got married in 2018 and they divorced last year. He and his wife, who is a university graduate,  were school friends.

“I don’t blame my wife, because it happened because of my own doing, but the divorce was a blow to me and I am determined to change. I have to be strong for myself.

“I’ll not repeat my mistake and start a new life. Perhaps, after this, I will have the chance to see my daughter, who is now two years-old,” he added.

Fais, who will be released soon, praised the government in encouraging employers to hire ex-prisoners.

“This will encourage more employers to hire people like me to work and also makes us feel not left out in the society,” he added.



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