IR4.0 to overcome low-skilled labours

Datuk Lim Ban Hong IR4.0 Industrial Revolution 4.0 employment unemployment
Datuk Lim Ban HongPIX: HAZROL ZAINAL / MalaysiaGazette / 10 MARH 2020.

By Mohd Zaini Samsu Hadi

KUALA LUMPUR – The efforts of the government in encouraging transition to Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) will not cause the unemployment in the country to rise.

On the contrary, the IR4.0 will witness various new technologies being used by industry and injects positive impacts, the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Lim Ban Hong said.

According to him, the government has carried out various efforts in exploring new fields that could generate jobs and most of the efforts are listed in Budget 2021.

“In our efforts to encourage development to get high technology investments, employees in this field will also gain high income.

“The IR4.0 gives us opportunities to create new generation of workers who can utilise various technology applications, thus, increasing employment opportunities for the locals.

“In the labour industry previously, we depend on foreign labours for manpower. The IR4.0 would witness a change in that aspect,” he told the Dewan Rakyat sitting today, in reply to the question from the Member of Parliament (BN-Jempol), Datuk Mohd Salim Sharif.

Mohd Salim asked about the efforts of the government in exploring new job opportunities concurrent with the development of the Covid-19 pandemic and IR4.0 as a measure in reducing unemployment in Malaysia.

Ban Hong added, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the economic sector. The application and adaptation of IR4.0 becomes vital in ensuring the continuity and improvements to businesses, especially in the recovery, restructuring of supply chain and enabling competitiveness in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

According to him, the transition to IR4.0 will increase the demands on high skilled workers and creates employment opportunities for the local employees.

This will then reduce the industry’s dependency on low-skilled labours who are mostly foreign workers. –MalaysiaGazette

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