Bersatu’s Vice-Youth Chief feared drowned

Drown Tanjung Balau Jetty pick up slippers Vice-Youth Chief Armada Bersatu Kota Tinggi Mohd Zulfikrie Buang

By Manzaidi Mohd Amin

KOTA TINGGI – The Vice-Youth Chief of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Armada), Mohd Zulfikrie Buang is feared drowned at Tanjung Balau after he slipped and fell off the jetty while trying to pick his slippers.

According to Bersatu’s Pengerang Chief, Mohd Faizal Asmar, Mohd Zulfikrie slipped and was carried away by the current in an incident during a heavy rain.

“A friend who was with Mohd Zulfikrie said that the latter wanted to pick up his slippers which fell into the ocean while he was carrying out some repair works for the Tanjung Balau Jetty.

“His friend had advised him not to do that due to the heavy rain, however, Mohd Zulfikrie who was at the scaffolding, suddenly fell into the sea. The incident happened too fast.

“His friend tried to save him but it was to no avail as the current was too strong before he lost sight of Mohd Zulfikrie,” he said as quoted by Berita Harian.

According to Mohd Faizal, he knew Mohd Zulfikrie several years ago and he was active in social work in the district.

They last met a week ago during the Johor Bersatu’s meeting at a hotel in Johor Bahru. They also discussed about future activities.

Mohd Zulfikrie is the Vice-Armada Youth Chief in Kota Tinggi since last October and is a cheerful and helpful youth.

“Approximately 100 members of Bersatu from Kota Tinggi and Pengerang arrived at the Tanjung Balau Jetty to witness the search and rescue operation.

“We pray that everything will be eased and a miracle will happen,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Zulfikrie’s family is still in shock and requested to be given space in facing the tragic incident. –MalaysiaGazette


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