DCP among 29 police officers investigated over Addy Kana’s case

The Director of Bukit Aman Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS), Datuk Zamri Yahya, PIX: SYAFIQ AMBAK / MalaysiaGazette /14 DECEMBER 2020. Addy Kanna scam syndicate scammer
The Director of Bukit Aman Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS), Datuk Zamri Yahya,PIX: SYAFIQ AMBAK / MalaysiaGazette /14 DECEMBER 2020.

By Kumara Sabapatty

SHAH ALAM – A senior police officer with the rank of Deputy Commissioner is among the 29 policemen investigated over suspicion of involvement with the syndicate relating to Addy Kana.

The Director of Bukit Aman Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS), Datuk Zamri Yahya said, besides that, a senior officer with the rank of Inspector was also found to have RM1 million in his bank account and could be involved with the same syndicate.

According to him, JIPS was involved in disciplinary investigation of its members linked to the Addy Kanna syndicate.

“Their style of living, extraordinary wealth, travelling overseas without permission and their every move… We investigated them in depth from many aspects.

“We found that they own rather excessive wealth above their position. So, we will get them to explain during the interrogation and it will involve thorough inspections.

“We also hope that the investigation can be solved and the investigation can be completed by January 2021,” he said during a news conference today.

According to Zamri, four individuals were identified during the preliminary investigation, however, more names linked to the scammers syndicate popped up later.

According to him, the JIPS also made several follow-up actions with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and investigated those police officers linked to Addy Kanna, including their assets, movements and such.

When asked about the inspector who has RM1 million in his possession, he said that the officer claimed that the money was given by his father.

“He (inspector) claimed that the one million ringgit was given by his father and he kept the money in his savings account. We investigated in depth on where he got that amount of money,” said Zamri.

He also did not reject the possibility that there could be more police officers involved in the syndicate and they may be arrested soon.

The case is being investigated under Public Officers Code of Conducts (Conduct and Discipline) 1993

“The investigation papers on all 29 individuals will be forwarded to our superior for stern punishment based on the existing law and police conduct. One of them is a Deputy Commissioner.

“In average, from the amount of misconducts involving police, about 300 investigation papers or 10 percent from 3,000 complaints annually nationwide involved required follow-up action from the JIPS.

“Most of the offences involve not coming to work for over five months, some had extra-marital affairs which is not allowed among the police as it would cause various issues affecting their work performance,” he said.

However, the JIPS is not responsible for taking legal actions against them if it involved robbery.

“Some have been sacked, got their service ended due to misconducts or drug abuse. We cannot compromise on drug abuse anymore as that is a serious offence. If they are caught, they will be charged at court and their service will be terminated,” he added. –MalaysiaGazette


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