PM’s visit brings smiles to flood evacuees in Johor

Muhyiddin Yassin Kota Tinggi floodMuhyiddin Yassin Kota Tinggi flood Johor

KOTA TINGGI – Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin brought smiles to Johor flood victims today when he visited them at the Kota Tinggi Vocational College and Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Laksamana here.

He arrived at the vocational college at noon and was welcomed by Menteri Besar Johor Datuk Ir Hasni Mohammad. Also present were National Unity Minister Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique and State Secretary Datuk Azmi Rohani.

After being briefed by the Kota Tinggi District Officer Farizal Ismail about the flood situation in the district, Muhyiddin went on to check on the evacuees housed at the two relief centres.

Mohd Azizie Kassim, 45, for one, was touched by the Prime Minister’s concern and described his first personal encounter with the country’s top leader as an unforgettable memory.

“I was so surprised to be greeted by ‘Abah’ (Muhyiddin) in person today. Normally, I just see him on TV,” said the public health assistant from Taman Aman.

Mohd Azizie said he and his wife, Suhaila Abd Karim, 44, with two of their sons were evacuated to the relief centre at SK Laksamana since last Saturday.

He said his other son with cerebral palsy, however, is taking shelter at a relative house in Taman Kota Kechil, here.

Another evacuee K.Madhavi, 73, admitted that the Prime Minister’s visit had to some extent reduce the pain in her heart after her house was inundated by the floodwaters.

“The PM came over and asked how I was doing, how many of my family members were affected and whether or not I had received the necessary aid from the authority.

“His concern was good enough to shoo away my sadness. This is also the first time I meet him in person,” said the senior citizen.

Madhavi, whose husband died in 2012, said the flood was quite challenging for her this year as she was living alone in Taman Aman as her four children were living separately in other districts.

Meanwhile, Norazinal Mohd Nor, 39, admitted that while she was happy to meet the Prime Minister in person, she was also disappointed as her nervousness and excitement was too overwhelming that she forgot to take her camera out and capture the moment.

“I was so nervous and excited waiting for his arrival. And then, there he was in person in front of me and I was starstruck. But I was happy to meet him. Alhamdulillah,” she said.

She said Muhyiddin also asked a few questions about her family, the food at the centre and school preparation for her six-year-old son, Iskandar.

As at noon today, Kota Tinggi still has the highest number of flood evacuees in Johor at 2,707, bringing the total to 5,499.


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