Students go hungry, worms in cafeteria food

Students from a government pre-university institution claimed that the food in their cafeteria is bad in quality, stale and comes with worms.
Students from a government pre-university institution claimed that the food in their cafeteria is bad in quality, stale and comes with worms.

By Kasthuri Jeevendran

KUALA LUMPUR – The students living in the dormitory of a government pre-university in Banting claimed that they did not get good treatment throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The treatment includes bad food supply from the cafeteria and some are stale and come with worms.

According to a student, they have no other choice as they are not allowed to leave the institution to buy other food following the MCO.

“I have the picture. It is truly sad. The food served by the cafeteria is mediocre. Sometimes, it is stale and not cooked properly. Sometimes, we find worms in our food. That is something common.

“We also have no choice. We have to eat at the cafeteria despite it is not hygienic as we cannot leave the dorm. That is our menu.

“It is even more troubling when the prices of food has increased. Sometimes, chicken with some gravy and rice can costs RM6 or RM7.

“We are students at a public education institution, thus, why the prices do not make sense? After buying and when we see worms or bugs, we have to throw them away and go hungry,” said the student.

At the same time, the second semester student also alleged that among the main problem in the institution is bad internet connection which made it difficult for them to study.

“Is it Covid-19 MCO season, all of us are being requested to attend the final examination in person. After the examination, the classes take place in our rooms.

“However, we regret that the internet connection is very bad. How do we learn online if this does not only happen once or twice but almost all the time? How can we learn or even focus?

“We were requested to return to our campus due to the examination last January but this is our situation since then. The internet was never stable, we study in our rooms but how can we understand?” the student questioned further.

According to that student, they have complained about the problems to the management of the dormitory, however, there was no follow up action on their complaints.

“We don’t know what else to do, we only pent up in our rooms all the time as no recreational activities are allowed. Some of us are suffering from depression,” said the student.

Based on the observation conducted by MalaysiaGazette, the similar problem happens to pre-university students in other states, especially when it comes to poor internet connection.

Most of them alleged that it has caused difficulties in online learning and seeking course materials.

Therefore, some of them used the social media platform such as Twitter to express their experience and they also dared to tag the minister involved while sharing their thoughts. –MalaysiaGazette

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