Perhaps, Sanusi was given the wrong advice about Thaipusam – Santhara Kumar

Datuk Seri Dr Santhara Kumar. PIX: MalaysiaGazette Thaipusam Kedah Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor
Datuk Seri Dr Santhara Kumar.PIX: MalaysiaGazette

By Kasthuri Jeevendran

KUALA LUMPUR – Although the Thaipusam celebration in temples has been revoked following the spike of Covid-19 cases, however, the Hindus can celebrate it at their homes.

There are differences in opinion when it comes to the Thaipusam public holiday as it cannot be celebrated in its usual grandeur this year in the country.

Therefore, the Deputy Minister of Federal Territories, Datuk Seri Dr Santhara Kumar thinks that the Thaipusam should be a public holiday without any issue.

Santhara is confident that the Menteri Besar (MB) of Kedah, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor has a big heart and will understand the needs and importance of the ritual for the Indian community.

“In my opinion, Thaipusam should be a public holiday. That should be the way. It is also among the content of the freedom to practice religion in the country.

“Kedah itself, has a deep history. The Hindu religion started in Kedah or known as Kadaram back then, with various old temples relics in Lembah Bujang.

“I am sure that the spirit and sentiment of the Indian community is very strong in that state. I am sure that the Menteri Besar understands that is has a big hear in announcing the public holiday for the Thaipusam celebration,” he said, stating that perhaps Sanusi was given the inaccurate advice about Thaipusam.

Therefore, he requested the special officer for Indian community to provide an accurate opinion and briefing on the religion sensitivity to the MB.

Yesterday, Muhammad Sanusi announced that Kedah will not be having a public holiday for Thaipusam in Kedah because the activities during the celebration have been cancelled due to the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Thaipusam is an event holiday for Kedah, Penang and Selangor, however, none of the states cancel the public holiday despite the ban for the celebration at the temples of those states. –MalaysiaGazette

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