30,000 urban poor families, individuals in KL

Minister of Federal Territories Tan Sri Annuar Musa. PIX: AFFAN FAUZI / MalaysiaGazette / 23 NOVEMBER 2020 urban poor
Minister of Federal Territories Tan Sri Annuar Musa. PIX: AFFAN FAUZI / MalaysiaGazette / 23 NOVEMBER 2020

By Shawaliah Hadir

KUALA LUMPUR – There are approximately 30,000 urban poor families and individuals in Kuala Lumpur with monthly income of less than RM2,200.

Minister of Federal Territories, Tan Sri Annuar Musa said that the amount is a rough estimation on poverty level in the capital.

Therefore, each assistance given by his ministry needs to take into consideration of the number of poor people in the city.

“Based on the data of the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council (MAIWP), 23000 leaders of the family requires assistance, meanwhile, the Social Welfare Department’s data showed 13,000. Meanwhile, in his ministry, 20,000 needed aid. Therefore, perhaps, there are some redundancy in the figures.

“If we look at those living in the PPR, although not all, generally, we have 63,000 houses and half of them are below the Poverty Line and the figure is around 30,000,” he said.

Meanwhile, Annuar also said that 178 areas in Kuala Lumpur are resided by low income families who needed help.

Thus, his ministry will continue to seek solution in helping the urban poor residents.

Annuar also hoped that the [email protected] Programme announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday can be implemented transparently.

No one can be left behind from receiving help, he said.

“The objectives for us to do this, we, at the Ministry, Putrajaya Corporation (PPj), Labuan Corporation and Federal Territory Foundation would like to portray a caring culture.

“We will continue to increase these programme and ensure that no one is left behind.

“Therefore, it is important that these programmes are handled well. Therefore, we use the empowering community concept where all the aids will be handed over to the leaders of the community themselves.

“I hope that this is not being abused and if anyone felt that they have been left behind for whatsoever reason, they don’t need to worry and they can meet the zone or sub-zone committees. This programme enables the people to receive aid more than once,” he said.

Earlier, he said that the MyBeras programme will be implemented using the delivery centres in the Parliament and sub-zones under him, according to the representatives of the residents to be distributed to the B40 group.

He said, the methodology can prevent the violation of the standard operating procedures (SOP) of the Movement Control Order (MCO).

“Although we launch this today, God willing, there will be no long queues as we have distributed them into smaller parts at the delivery centres in the Parliament and sub-zones, based on the representatives of the residents.

“To prevent long queues or people fighting for the aid or mass assembly, coupons are distributed to the identified target group earlier and it is encouraged to send directly to their home. Meanwhile, I don’t want to see any violation of SOP,” he emphasized. –MalaysiaGazette


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