Friday, February 28, 2020
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Body of drowned film director sent to Kuala Lumpur

The body of film director, Firdaus Hanif, who drowned in an incident in Sungai Jelai, Kuala Lipis, has been claimed by family members after the post mortem at the Kuala Lipis Hospital

Four drown at reservoir selfie tragedy

A newly married woman and three of her family drowned in a reservoir after trying to take a selfie, said police in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Toddler drowns in bucket at nursery

A nine-month-old boy drowned in a bucket of water in a toilet of a nursery here last Wednesday, and the police arrested the owner of the care centre last night.

Dragon boat accident leaves 17 dead

Seventeen people have died in a dragon boat accident in southern China thought to have been caused by strong current.

Military officer’s body recovered from mining pool 

The body of a military officer who reportedly drowned in a mining pool in Kampung Pengkalan Durian, Linggi, Port Dickson, near here, yesterday was found this morning.

Man drowned while fishing at Morib

A man was believed to have drowned while fishing with his son at Pantai Morib, Kuala Langat yesterday.