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I meant the Chinese and Indians from DAP – Papagomo

An old video clip of Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris who is better known as Papagomo on the call to withdraw the rights to vote for the Chinese and Indian community went viral again.

Will UMNO join the Malay Pride Congress after PAS?

UMNO is expected to announced its decision to attend the Malay Pride Congress organised by the University of Malaya and 3 other higher learning institutions

HPU gives chance for PAS to be Big Brother – Kit...

Lim Kit Siang alleged that the Himpunan Perpaduan Ummah (HPU) assembly was not about the Malays or the Muslims but it was about saving UMNO from oblivion and keeping its leaders out of jail for their corruption and abuses of power besides giving PAS an opportunity to be a Big Brother

The alliance of PAS, UMNO can defeat PH – Aminuddin

The Penyatuan Ummah charter which will be signed tomorrow can give a huge winning to the PAS and UMNO alliance during the coming general election

Those who open old wounds of UMNO-PAS have divorce sickness -Hadi...

The President of PAS, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said that those who have been enthusiastically opening the old wounds between UMNO and PAS lately have divorce sickness (gila talak).