Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Hong Kong legislature surrounded by riot police ahead of expected protests

Hundreds of riot police took up posts around Hong Kong’s legislature overnight, as protests were expected on Wednesday over a bill criminalising disrespect of China’s national anthem and against plans by Beijing to impose national security laws.

Hong Kong march: Thousands join largest pro-democracy rally in months

800,000 protesters have marched through the streets of Hong Kong in the largest anti-government rally in months organised by the Civil Human Rights Front, a pro-democracy group

Boy, 12, youngest person convicted in Hong Kong protests

A boy aged 12 has become the youngest person convicted of an offence connected to Hong Kong's anti-government protests

Hong Kong police, protesters in fiery stand-off at university

A stand-off at a Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) campus has led to fiery clashes overnight, as hundreds of protesters tried to repel a police advance

Hong Kong to close all schools amid escalating protests

Hong Kong has announced that all schools including kindergartens will be closed on Thursday as the territory faces another day of escalating unrest.

China plans to replace Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam

China is drawing up a plan to replace Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam with an “interim” chief executive, the Financial Times reported

Petrol bombs tossed at police in Hong Kong protests

A group of hardcore protesters threw petrol bombs at a police station as violence flared in Hong Kong during a banned march that drew tens of thousands.

Hong Kong protests: Xi JinPing warns of ‘crushed bodies, shattered bones’

China's President Xi Jinping has issued a stern warning against dissent as protests continue in Hong Kong, saying any attempt to divide China will end in "crushed bodies and shattered bones".