Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Coronavirus: Three generations of Bollywood Bachchan family infected

Three generations of a high-profile Bollywood Bachchan family have tested positive for Covid-19, officials in the Indian state of Maharashtra say.

Long queues as India opens liquor stores

Police in India's capital Delhi shut liquor stores in parts of the city, hours after they opened for the first time since 24 March.

Coronavirus: Is social distancing possible in India?

Health experts and governments across the world have been advising people to practice social distancing to halt the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

India migrants running away from quarantine camps

Thousands of Indians who fled cities to return to their villages after the government imposed a coronavirus lockdown have been running away from quarantine centres.

Indians scramble for supplies, three-week coronavirus lockdown begins

Indians crowded grocery stores and chemists on Wednesday in a struggle for essential items after Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a total lockdown for three weeks to fight a coronavirus pandemic, one of the toughest such measures worldwide.

Delhi riots: Hindu-Muslim clashes leave 27 dead

Delhi remains on edge after three nights of rioting, with Muslim homes and shops being targeted by violent mobs following a controversial citizenship law

Disappointed with India, Pakistan increases Malaysian palm oil import

Feeling ’indebted’ to Malaysia, Pakistan stated its readiness to import more palm oil from Malaysia after India imposed restriction and boycott on Malaysia

Why Malaysia depends on India for onions?

The Indian onion may be smaller in size than other vegetables but many people especially in the northern states of the country shed tears last year when a shortage in Indian onion supply caused the price to skyrocket

KPDNHEP investigates price increase of onions to RM24 per kg

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) is investigating the cause for the increase in price of onions in Penang which shot up to RM24 a kilogramme.

Revoke Visa exemption for tourists from China and India – PAS

PAS urged the government to resolve the issue on the overload of tourists from China and India who refused to return to their country and chose to reside in Malaysia immediately.