Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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MOE did not stop schools from celebrating Ponggal

The letter issued by the Ministry of Education (MOE) on the Ponggal celebration at schools was meant to reduce the anxiety of Muslim parents on the involvement of their children in the festival.

Maszlee resigns as Minister of Education

Dr Maszlee Malik announced his resignation as the Minister of Education today.

UEC recognition: Wait for the right time

A full report on the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) Policy on the recognition of UEC will be announced when the time is right.

MOE presents 2019 report card

Minister Dr Maszlee Malik presents the achievement of his ministry in 2019 themed Education for All. It has successfully achieved the 5 areas of focus areas namely ‘Bringing Love Into Education; Quality of Teaching and Learning; Autonomy and Accountability; Malaysia Reads; and Manifesto.

MOE to investigate students singing Negaraku in Mandarin

The wrong Jalur Gemilang display issue which happened two weeks ago has yet to be subsided. Today, a Mandarin version of Negaraku once again ignited unease among Malaysians.

Worried Maszlee in tears

Minister of Education, Dr Maszlee Malik was in tears when he raised his woes about the possibility that some of the officers in his ministry may not be at the same course as the aspiration he wished for.

Cabinet approves Khat

The cabinet has decided to go ahead with the introduction of khat in vernacular schools next year and the teachers will decide how to teach it.

Zunar cartoonist satirize government over Khat

The khat writing scheduled to be introduced to all national and vernacular schools, including the national type schools (SJK) next year receives criticisms from cartoonist, Zunar

MOE will issue statement on Jawi in textbooks

The Ministry of Education will issue an official statement on the proposal to introduce Jawi writing in all national textbooks, including for Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina (SJKC).

No new subject on democracy – Teo

No new subjects on democracy or the Federal Constitution will be introduced in the next schooling session, Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching said