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Federal Court rules Muslim child conceived out of wedlock cannot bear...

The Federal Court, in a majority 4-3 decision, ruled that a Muslim child conceived out of wedlock cannot bear his father's name.

NRD Assistant Director to be charged for selling MyKad

An assistant director of National Registration Department (NRD) will be charged tomorrow (Thursday) for being involved in a syndicate selling MyKad to foreigners

NRD urged police to investigate slanders on MyKad issue

The National Registration Department (NRD) explained that the Chinese woman who received her Mykad recently is the wife of a Malaysia citizen and has been staying in the country for 20 years.

NRD denies Kepong DAP to register MyKad for Chinese nationals

The National Registration Department (NRD) has denied allegations that Kepong DAP is planning to register MyKads for illegal immigrants from China as claimed in a video which went viral on the social media.

Blue IC at 103

She could be the oldest individual to receive the Malaysian citizenship approval letter, Thanapakkiom Sannasy, 103, is overjoyed when her application for the ‘Blue IC’ (Malaysian citizenship) has finally been granted today.

The longest name in Malaysia goes to…

The longest name in Malaysia with 63 alphabets and 12 words goes to Princess Aura Nurr Emily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zendra Mohd Sufian.

MyKad counter opens on polling day

To provide better service to the voters, the MyKad counter at the National Registration Department's (NRD) headquarters and offices in the states will operate as usual next Wednesday (9 May) which is also the polling day.

RM1,000 fine for late registration of births

Parents who failed to register their children within 60 days after their birth will now be fined RM1,000 compared to only RM50 previously.