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Housewife lost RM240,000 to 4D ‘master’

The desire to own a double storey home had lead a housewife to lose RM240,000 due to her conviction on a 4D number ‘master’.

Restore public confidence on MACC, police

GBM is very concern by the allegations that the MACC is being pressured to drop its investigation on possible police misdeeds

Three Indonesian criminals shot dead

The police have shot dead three criminals suspected to be Indonesians for trying to attack the security enforcers with machetes.

Clare Rewcastle-Brown will be arrested upon entry -IGP

The police will not give any protection warranty to Clare Rewcastle-Brown if she enters Malaysia

Drugs worth RM1.63 million hidden in Chinese tea and speakers

The technique to hide drugs in packets of Chinese tea and speakers by a state syndicate has failed when they were raided by the police in an operation

Police officer found dead at station

A 29 year-old police officer was found dead at his office at the Pasir Puteh District Police headquarters, with bullet wound on his head this morning.

2 foreign criminals gunned down

Kelantan police has busted four foreign criminals in a shootout at Jalan Salor Baru last night. Two of them were gunned down.

First phase of Melaka police major reshuffle underway

A major reshuffle is under progress at the Melaka police headquarters following the bribery scandals and power abuse by its members recently.

Remand extension for 9 individuals detained by MACC

The remand order for nine police officers involved in collecting briberies from illegal gambling dens and massage centres around Melaka has been extended for five more days

Corporal remanded, protection over illegal gambling

A police corporal has been remanded for allegedly collecting money and providing protection to the illegal gambling dens and massage parlours in Melaka