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Pope laments humanity’s ‘insatiable greed’ in Christmas Eve Mass

Pope Francis condemned on Monday human greed and consumerism, reminding Christians during a traditional Christmas Eve Mass that "the food of life is not material riches but love."

Pope: Parents of gay children should pray, seek psychiatric help

Pope Fancis urged the parents of homosexual children to pray and possibly also seek psychiatric help as he travelled back to Italy on Monday following a visit to Ireland.

Pope admits Catholic Church has ‘long ignored’ problem of child abuse

Pope Francis asked for forgiveness for child abuse crimes and cover-ups within the Catholic Church, admitting that the pain of victims "was long ignored, kept quiet or silenced."

Pope pleads for migrants at Christmas mass

In many cases this departure is filled with hope, hope for the future; yet for many others this departure can only have one name: survival

Mass is for prayers not phones, says Pope

Pope Francis reminded the Catholics that, the priest who celebrates "says 'Lift up your hearts,' and does not say 'Lift up your mobiles to take a picture.'"

Pope prays for Venezuela, blesses poor in Colombia

Pope Francis prayed Sunday for a peaceful end to Venezuela's "grave crisis" which has left scores dead, as he wrapped up a tour to support peace in neighboring Colombia.

Pope urges peace, forgiveness in divided Colombia

Pope Francis held an open-air mass Thursday for hundreds of thousands of worshippers in Colombia, urging forgiveness as they seek a lasting end to half a century of civil war.

Trudeau asks Pope Francis to apologise for schools

Canadian Prime Minister has asked Pope Francis to apologise for the role of the Catholic Church in a Canadian school system where indigenous children were abused for decades

Trump set to exchange views with Pope Francis at Vatican

U.S. President Donald Trump visits the Vatican on Wednesday for talks with one of his most high-profile critics, Pope Francis

Pope urges end to Syria ‘horror’ in Easter address

Pope Francis urged an end to "horror and death" in Syria and implored God to bring peace to the Middle East as he delivered the traditional Easter Day mass in Rome on Sunday.