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Hundreds of thousands march in Barcelona, ‘no’ to independence

Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Barcelona on Sunday to protest Catalonia's secession from Spain, in the largest show of strength to date by unionists, who usually describe themselves as the "silent majority."

Spain suspect says terror cell planned big attack on monuments

A suspected member of the terror cell that unleashed carnage in Spain last week admitted to a judge that the jihadists had planned to hit monuments in an even bigger attack

Barcelona van attack suspect shot dead

Spanish police have shot dead the main suspect in last Thursday's Barcelona attack, Younes Abouyaaqoub.

Spanish police stop second attack after 13 killed in Barcelona

Spanish police say they have killed five people in the town of Cambrils to stop a second attempted van attack after an earlier one in Barcelona

Spanish king confident of resolving Gibraltar dispute with Britain

Spain's King Felipe VI said he was confident of resolving a long dispute over the Spanish-claimed British territory of Gibraltar.

Ronaldo accused of evading millions in taxes

Spanish prosecutors accused Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo of evading 14.7 million euros in tax through offshore companies

French authorities seize tons of weapons based on ETA information

French police have secured some 3.5 tons of weapons, explosives and other dangerous materials after members of the Basque separatist group ETA directed authorities to weapons caches in southern France, officials said Saturday.