Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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14 tourists from Wuhan were sent back

A total of 14 tourists from Wuhan, China who landed at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) yesterday were sent home on the same day.

I have no power to open, close state mosques – Mujahid

The Prime Minister’s Deparment (Religious Affairs) has no power in granting permission to stop foreign tourists, especially China, from visiting state mosques

Only 800 or 1 percent of Chinese tourists are affected –...

The government’s decision yesterday to temporary suspend all immigration facilities to Chinese nationals from Wuhan and Hubei does not affect a huge number of tourists from China.

Revoke Visa exemption for tourists from China and India – PAS

PAS urged the government to resolve the issue on the overload of tourists from China and India who refused to return to their country and chose to reside in Malaysia immediately.

Zahid’s case will not disrupt the issuance of Visa -Muhyiddin

The issuance of tourist visa to the foreign tourists are still taking place as usual despite the company handling the online Foreign Visa System (VLN) is implicated for bribing a former minister.

Tourists held for nude temple photo

Two US citizens are being held in Thailand after they posted an online picture of themselves posing with their buttocks exposed at a temple.