KUALA LUMPUR – A video recording on a commotion at a mamak restaurant between a man and a woman went viral in the social media since last night.

A twit about the incident raised public attention and many were shocked by the incident.

A senior citizen was seen to be shouting at a woman in the video, before physical contact that caused the fight. Nevertheless, we are unable to determine the reason why he shouted at the woman based on the video recording.

Many people were seen to be trying to calm the woman and the man before they were able to separate the duo.

However, shortly, several other men came into the restaurant and they seemed to try attacking the senior citizen, who was still in the restaurant.

Several security personnel were also seen in the video and tried to resolve the fight before it got worse as many people were dining in the restaurant.

No official statement about the fight has been issued yet, with the exception of comments and allegations in the social media on the cause of the commotion.

Some netizens slammed the woman for initiating physical attacks on the man and caused the situation to tense up.

Some also blamed the senior citizen for shouting at the woman that started the fight. –MalaysiaGazette